Board Members

The Winchester Home & Garden Club

2018 – 2019 Board Members

– Dot Butler
– Cathy Alexander
Nickie Sakorafos
Courtney Peschel
Assistant Treasurer
-Carey Sue Barney
Recording Secretary
– Christine Schmitt
Program Chair
– Nickie Sakorafos
Corresponding Secretary – emails
– Gail Morlock
Corresponding Secretary -notes
– Christine Donahue
Membership Chair
– Liz Darby
Ways and Means Chair
– Jessica Lohnes (meetings)
– Christine Schmitt (Plant Sale)
Holiday Luncheon
-Mai Harrison
-Adrienne Spignesi
Spring Luncheon
-Christine Schmitt
Civic Beautification Chair
–  Kristen Ward
Assistant Chair
– Christy Walsh
Garden Therapy Chair
-Bernadette Kearney
Archives Chair
– Winni Paskerian
– Ginny Laats
Publicity Chair
Fountain Chair
– Marie Monteith
Hospitality Chairs
– Carrie Fiore
– Bernadette Kearney
– Rita Alesi
– Kirsten May
– Karen Boodikian
-Mary Werlin
-Barbara Hyde
– Gail Morlock
– Misty Florez
Jackie Burchard
-Cheryl Curtain
– Erica Drazen
– Susan Fagerstom
Website Chair
– Winni Paskerian
– Ginny Laats
Yearbook Chair
– Maureen Conway
Workshops Chair
Community Service Chairs
– Rose Beecher